Egg inflation may have finally cracked, but, the problem with cracks is they spread, [_Heavy U.S. refinery maintenance is the harbinger of tight product market_] https://www.cmegroup.com/newsletters/wti-insights-by-pvm/wti-insights-by-pvm-2023-02-24.html

If it isn't one thing it will be another while the world works through colossal 'pilot induced oscillations' for the next four years or so. Here is a video attempting to explain the complex and difficult strategies and tactics Powell will deploy fighting inflation, and the sundry other whacky pilot induced oscillations 15 years of CB administered markets have baked in when the needle is taken away: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryp5pTpxC9Y

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What great artist goes out and collects ten-thousand gall beetles and renders them down over many steps and months to a dye for their textiles? or goes to the DRC and negotiates with warlords for exotic minerals for processing into pigments? etc. None of course. Your palette is the blog and information is the paint u use to express your visions ;) The Artist, however great, has little say on the impressions their public paints in their own imaginations. So, don't be like Fox 'News' which strives to spoon feed their viewers what they want to hear, cuz, that ain't News. Just keep 'painting' your authentic Truth ;), cuz, my guess is that's why you are read and your work(s) is appreciated.

Personally, I gather, collate, and evaluate ridiculous amounts of 'info' meant for no eyeballs other than mine own. It seems I lack your generosity. ... So, if it isn't to late for redemption, if The BondBeatist (or anyone foolish enough to read this on Saturday Night when they should be out Fighting) hasn't heard of them, I'll toss out a few 'info-tools' I've found 'powerful' of late. They fall under the rubric of "networked-notes." Which is best for you depends on many variables, but, most of them even have pretty well advanced iOS apps. These three can get you started: Logseq, Agenda, and Obsidian. Logseq is now useable on mobiles like iOS. Obsidian is probably still best on a 'full' OS, but it is useable on mobile. Both are free. Agenda.app is cheap and well integrated with iOS Reminders.app and Calendar.app. Such seamless-integration is kind of cool for bridging the lofty realm of learning from gathered information (i.e., wool-gathering) and "linking" the knowledge generated to actions outside the ivory towers/castles of the mind. On a mobile device yet! Following that thread there is GoodTask.app for imposing more order on the copious potential number of links any subject can spawn in a networked-notes system. Similar to GT is Things.app, but, I lean towards GT. Blah, blah, blah, ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tV13y2NQtR0

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